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What is Hope? Be the Hope you want someone else to have. image

What is Hope? Be the Hope you want someone else to have.

Join me in supporting The Hive to change a survivor's life and bring them hope.


$400 towards $1,000

Join me in supporting THE HIVE COMMUNITY CIRCLE and become a Steward of Hope!

The Hive provides unwavering support and compassion to the most impacted, yet most underserved survivors of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking in South Carolina. This organization continues to offer the best support for Survivors and I am so thankful to play a small role in helping them grow their impact! By becoming a Steward of Hope you invest in programs & services that are a gateway to healing, hopefulness, and transformative social change.

Here is a story I can share about their lasting impact on the community:

This is just one of many testimonies that reflect the importance of survivors attaining the tools they need to overcome trauma:

“I went to a shelter to escape my abuser. My stay was coming to an end, and I had yet to secure transitional housing. While navigating my next steps, I contacted The Hive for emergency lodging assistance. When the advocate called me back to confirm they would be able to support me with emergency lodging, I couldn't keep the joy inside. There was hope. The advocate realized how relieved and happy I was. At that moment, it was important for me to tell her my reality prior to her call. I felt desperate and was strongly considering returning to my abuser, but her phone call stopped me!

Thank you so much for helping me at a moment when I thought I had no other choice. Thank you for reminding me to bet on myself!".
-Statement from a program participant that received financial support for relocation and hotel accommodations.